Peace Club

  • Peace Club

    Our Mission:

    Our mission is to discuss and create solutions for bettering our school and the world we live in through peaceful means, which include community service, peacfeul demonstrations, environmental protection, and even promoting student performances.

    Imagine Cafe

    Every last Thursday of the month, at 5:00, the club puts on Imagine Cafe, an open mic setting where students perform music, magic, and even comedy.


    Also, some of the activities we participated in the MLK march and the Seguin Earth Day Festival.


    MLK March Monday January 20th.

    Meet in the back of the Clemens parking lot at 8:00. The March starts at 10:00 and ends at 3:00. I will be attending with other chaperons. Students are responsible for their own ride to Freeman Couliseum. From there, we will take the shuttle to the march.

    Bus fair is not required, but bring money for food or gifts.