Rules and Routine

    Class Rules:Character Counts!

    1.  You have the right to an education.  You do NOT have the right to distract another student from his/her education; therefore, conduct yourself with courtesy and respect.

    2.  Come to class prepared.

    3.  Be in the room when the tardy bell rings.  I expect you to be working on warm up when the tardy bell rings.

    4.  Keep the room neat and clean.

    5.  Take pride in yourself and your work.


    As you walk in, read the posted agenda.  Get out your notebook and text book (if needed).  Once the tardy bell rings, you should be working on the warm up.  I will sign any absence notes, grade checks, et cetera, during this time.  Raise your hand to get up from your desk.  When it is time to leave, I will dismiss you.  Put your notebooks and text books in the proper area in a neat and orderly fashion.