Summer Assignments

  • All Medical Billing & Coding (MBC) Interns will review and complete the following assignments
    PRIOR to the first day of the school Year:

    1. Review Lectures for MBC Chapter 102 - sections 1-4
    2. Complete student workbook pages - 
      • Use the Lectures to fill in the blanks in the student workbook sections.
      • Students DO NOT need to print out the workbook pages.  Workbook pages will be provided once school starts.
      • Using Loose leaf paper in a binder, please indicate the page number and then number each response on the page.  
      • For example:  
        • Page 1 
        • #1. Answer
        • #2. Answer
        • #3... 
        • Page 4
        • #1 etc. 
      • At the end of each section, the student manual instructs students to take the section exam before proceeding.... We will not take any exams until school starts, please complete all sections.
      • All worksheet pages for this assignment are due on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL and must be turned in during our first class period.
      • We will quiz over this material on Friday OF WEEK 1. 

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