Course Descriptions


    Health Science Technology Courses

    Principles of Health Science Technology I (1754)

    This course is designed to provide an opportunity for understanding the concepts and skills necessary for entering the health care field. Essential elements included in this course are current events in health care, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, human growth and development, CPR, first aid, basic concepts of illness and wellness, medical communications skills, and interpersonal relationships.

                Prerequisite: None
                Credit:        1 unit           

    Health Science Technology II (1756)

    This course is designed to help students develop the essential knowledge and skill for entering the health care profession. Health Science Technology II has a strong academic curriculum coupled with an internship. Students will be given the opportunity to rotate through different health care specialties, working with and observing professionals in action. Essential elements included in this course are legal and ethical responsibilities, promotion of safety, infection control, vital signs, medical terminology, and current events in health care.

                Prerequisite: Junior/Senior and Health Science Technology I
                Credit:         2 units
                Note:          This course may be used to waive 1 of the 1 ½ credits
                                  of PE.

    Medical Terminology (1755)

    This course is designed to develop a working knowledge of the language of medicine. Students acquire word-building skills by learning prefixes, suffixes, roots, and abbreviations. By relating terms to body systems students identify proper use of words in a medical environment. Knowledge of medical terminology enhances the student’s ability to successfully secure employment or pursue advanced education in health care.

                 Prerequisite: Sophmore and HST I/ Biology 
                 Credit:         ½ unit

    Mental Health (1757)

    This course is an introduction to mental health services, careers, history, agencies, current issues, and the difference between functional and dysfunctional behaviors. Students develop an awareness of the factors that affect mental health by exploring traditional and emerging treatment modalities.

                Prerequisite: Sophmore and Health Science Technology I/ Biology
                Credit:         ½ unit