Student Strategies

  • You Can Make a Difference!

    Student strategies to prevent bullying

    • Choose to not participate in bullying behaviors.

    • Report any incidence of bullying to a teacher, administrator, or counselor.

    • Practice skills and strategies to take a stand.

    • Encourage your friends and classmates to take a stand against any bullying they observe.

    • Take an individual stand.

    • Be friendly toward another student that is a target of bullying.

    • Be a friend to new or needy students.

    • If you hear bullying, change the conversation or help the student being bullied walk away from the situation.

    Student strategies if you are being bullied

    • Walk away with confidence, even though you may not be feeling it at the moment.

    • Be calm.

    • Tell the bully to stop.

    • Use appropriate language.

    • Do NOT argue or fight back. ?

    • Have friends around and stay in safe places.

    • Tell a responsible adult that you trust (parent, teacher, counselor, administrator).

    • Keep telling until the bullying behavior stops.