Class Rules and Requirements


    AV Production, Principles & CBN




    Welcome to my class! My personal view of classroom discipline is that high school students should be mature, well behaved and responsible for their own actions and choices. These guidelines emphasize and reinforce the work habits and good ethics necessary to be successful in college, the world of work and beyond. I hope you have a great year!

    1.    Come prepared to learn and work every day.

    a. Wear your I.D. on a lanyard every day at all times.

    b. Be on time. I count tardies.

    c. Do your work when it is assigned.

    2.   Behave maturely and politely.

    a. No foul or inappropriate language. If you wouldn’t say it to your grandmother, don’t say it here. Even if you would say it to your grandmother, don’t say it here.

    b. Do your personal grooming in the restroom between classes.

    c.  Just behave.

    3.   Respect my right to teach and each student’s right to learn without interruptions from you.

    4.   Student handbook policies and rules will be followed and enforced.

    5.   Students and parents are expected to establish a txConnect account at the beginning of the year and to check their grades online on a regular basis. District grading guidelines can be found on my web site.

    6.   Make good choices about your education and your life. Your attitude is the key so pick a good one.

    District Grading Policy:


    Summative (major)    50%     

    Formative (daily)       50%     


    Supplies needed for this class:


    • Flash Drive,  minimum 32GB
    • SD card 32GB,  minimum 
    • Donations of boxes of tissues and hand sanitizer are appreciated. Thank you in advance!

    We have read the above rules and information and we understand that we must comply with them for the safety and well being of the entire class. We also understand that if the rules are not followed, just as in the real world there will be consequences.


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    Parent/Guardian signature__________________________________Date______________________

    Parent/Guardian name printed____________________________________________________

    Parent/Guardian cell phone number________________________________________________