Emerging Technologies - Students will prepare this every 3 weeks.


    Audio & Video Production

    Principles of Information Technology

    Principles of Arts, AV Tech, Communications

    Ms. Elliott, A102


    Part of the required curriculum for AVP & Principles is that students learn about a variety of emerging technologies which have been introduced or are currently in the discovery and/or planning phase. There are many sites from which you can retrieve interesting, accurate information by doing a search of your own. Below is a list of sites to get you started. Do not get your information from Wikipedia! The list below will give you some ideas for sites on which to find topics.

    Some sites are:







    This Emerging Technology report is to be written in complete, grammatically correct sentences. Use spell check and proofread your work BEFORE you turn it in to avoid loss of points for errors.

    -    Create a separate document for each report.

    -    NO 3D or other printers, no gaming systems or games, smart watches or phones of any kind; no iAnything or any upgrades or accessories for any of these items; no artificial intelligence

    -    Number your paper from 1-8. Each report must contain the following:


    1Definition of “emerging technology” – Google it! (yes this is always #1 in every ET report)

    2.  Formal, specific name of the technology you chose

    3. URL from which you obtained your topic information

    4. When was this technology introduced, or when will it be introduced? It may be no older than 2 years prior to the current year. This is NOT the date the article was released so read the article carefully.

    5. Brief description of the technology

    6. Identify the industry or industries which will be impacted by this technology. For example, if your topic is a new machine to create images of internal organs of the human body, one of the industries will be the medical industry.

    7. For each of the industries you named in #6, briefly describe exactly how your topic impacts each of those industries.

    8. Considering what you have learned about this technology, use your own words to describe how it will be beneficial to society.



    Research skills, grammar and punctuation, current events, STEM