Digital Portfolios

  • Digital Portfolios

    AVP & PRINCIPLES Classes



    Start saving your best work now. Collect it and save it to the cloud/drop box or a flash drive so it can be added to as you accumulate more samples of your work.

    What to Include

    -          A well-formatted table of contents listing each item you add to your portfolio

    • o   Take pride in yourself and your portfolio. It can make or break you.

    -          A well-formatted résumé

    • o   Take pride in yourself and your portfolio.

    -          A list of valid references separate from your résumé to include for each reference: full name, title (M.D., R.N., etc.), position (teacher, priest, etc.) full address, email address, telephone number

    • o   Do NOT use a family member or a friend.
    • o   These must be professional references.

    -          Chronological samples of presentations, videos, slide shows, projects or any other graphics materials you have created or collaborated on

    -          Include a brief description of what the above-mentioned items were created for.

    -          Samples of awards you have earned and the project that earned the award

    -          Photos that will show your skill and enhance your submissions

    -          Links to any online published work you may have created or collaborated on

    -          In lieu of preparing a DVD, you may opt for a web site of your own to display this information.

    -          From, “Put videos, audio files or pictures in your portfolio if they fit your theme, purpose or requirements. Include information about yourself and your student work. Talk about the creation process, purpose, significance or meaning of your pieces in brief descriptions within your student portfolio, depending on your teacher’s requirements or your own expectations. Also highlight how              pieces helped you to develop certain skills that were useful in your class or will be valuable in your field.”

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    Sites that Can Help You Build an Online Portfolio


    - Search for “Create Portfolio Websites”


    Whether you choose a DVD or an online format for your portfolio, continually update it so it will be ready to present to a college, a scholarship committee, for an internship opportunity or to a potential employer. Lastly, get help if you need it. Don’t be too proud to ask...your future depends on it!