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    I also have a text based reminder system set up.  You can text your code to 81010 or go to and enter the class code. You can then choose to get the messages via text or email





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Welcome to Art 2: Drawing 1

  • Catalog Description:  This level 2 art class focuses on continuing to develop 2- dimensional art skills. The elements and principles are applied to a variety of design techniques. A variety of media that might include pencil, pen-ink, prismacolor, scratchboard, paper-cuts, pastels, charcoal, watercolor, and more are applied to drawing subjects such as still-life, human-life, portraits, wildlife, landscapes, and more. Student critiques will be done to study the strengths and areas where improvement can still be made. Art History and Appreciation are included as they apply to the understanding of a project.

     Prerequisite: Art 1

    Supply list:

    • sketchbook or composition book (bound)

    • paper towels

    • 2 glue sticks

    • box of tissue

    • # 2 pencils (old ones from 3rd grade ok)

    • Bottle of liquid hand soap

    • White or gum eraser (Pentel Hi-Polymer recommended)


    We always accept donations of random stuff in the art department!  Please consider donating to us before you throw it out. Here are some suggestions of things we KNOW we can use:

    • Pencils (old ones without erasers ok!)
    • computer paper
    • newspapers
    • cereal boxes
    • old hose, tights, knee highs
    • clothespins
    • styrofoam egg cartons
    • plastic containers with lids
    • zipper bags - anywhere from snack to gallon size
    • baby food jars
    • old t-shirts, towels or rags
    • old tools (Phillips head screwdrivers really needed!)
    • broken jewelry, buttons
    • fishing wire, other wire
    • aprons
    • interesting things to draw!! (bad taxidermy?) :) Our art students spend a lot of time drawing from observation so interesting things to look at can be fun and add excitement


    If you clean out your junk drawer or garage - think of us!!