Focus on Results.

  • The focus on results refers to both student learning and adult learning.

    The work being done is built on a foundation of common beliefs.  As such, we believe the best decisions about how to move forward come from those closest to the work.  Additionally, we believe that clarity must come before competence.  Our goal is to find the balance to be as bottom up as necessary and as top down as needed.


    We verify student learning through the use of a balanced assessment model:

    • Common District Assessments and Benchmarks
    • Common Team Assessments
    • Common Formative Assessments
    • Performance Indicators (TEKS resource system)
    • Learning Targets with performance of understanding statements
    • Articulation of learning (Discussing Guiding Questions)
    • Progress Monitoring
    Link to Balanced Assessment Handout

    We verify adult learning through:

    • Focused Walkthroughs
    • Rubrics (link)
    • Action Planning with formative and summative assessments (identified and tracked in CIP) guided by SMART goals
    • Target Planning Protocols
    We do not measure the teaching of students, we measure their learning.
    We do not measure the teaching of adults, we measure the implementation of best practices.

    Celebrations are based on attainment of formative and summative goals.