Junior High

  • In Junior High, the theatre curriculum and instruction focuses on interpretation and performance. As they advance, students gain a deeper understanding of theatrical elements, principles, and conventions. Young actors begin to dramatize more complex characters. Seventh and eighth graders examine scripts, learn basic acting techniques, and explore aspects of technical theatre. By reading scripted materials, students analyze characters, study dialogue, and design stage movements. Junior High students acquire the knowledge and skills to be successful in theatre through research, creative thinking, problem solving, and improvisation.

High School

  • The theatre program in High School is designed to address a wide range of interests in drama. The students will have opportunities to perform in plays as well as work behind the scenes. They learn the craft from the bottom up, as well as exploring its history and influence. More broadly, the student will learn how to present themselves to others by becoming aware of body language and voice. Aspects of effective communication, which are essential in business and personal relationships, are a focus of the theatre program also. Students practice working together on stage and off with the common goal of a successful production. Through plays and classroom projects, they learn the importance of being a responsible member of a team. The reward for all this hard work in the SCUC ISD theatre program is not just a good grade, but applause, laughter, tears and confidence. We stress success through discipline and dedication.