Volunteer Common Commitments

  • Sippel Volunteers


    Sippel Volunteers brighten our campus

    with positive campus attitudes and a ‘Can Do’ Spirit!


    -         We are hard working

    -         We are committed to communicate with our Sippel community with respect and a team attitude

    -         We are team players:  We ask for help and offer to help!

    -         We are role models of the 7 Habits and Character Pillars

    -         We are here for the needs of the Sippel Community:

    o   All means All

    o   Positive Presupposition – we believe each person in the community is doing their best to do what is right and needed for our students and our schools.

    §  we ask for clarification

    §  We do not judge

    §  We keep an open mind

    §  We are life long learners

    §  We model collaboration and cooperation


    -         We dress appropriately to serve as role models