ABC's for a Great School Year

  • The ABC’s for a GREAT School Year

    A- Always be prepared.

    B- Be respectful.

    C- Communicate with others appropriately.

    D- Do your homework.

    E- Expand your knowledge.

    F- Focus on yourself.

    G- Give your best, always.

    H- Hand in all work ON TIME.

    I- Identify your weak points and work on them.

    J- Join in on class discussions.

    K- Keep on task.

    L- Learn as much as you can.

    M- Make good friends.

    N- Notice your progress and celebrate it!

    O- Optimize your talents.

    P- Put forth your best effort.

    Q- Quickly resolve conflicts.

    R- Read frequently.

    S- Study, Study, Study!!

    T- Try new things.

    U- Use your time wisely.

    V- Voice your opinions.

    W- Watch out for distractions.

    X- "X"amine your work carefully.

    Y- "Yes You Can" attitudes always win.

    Z- Zoom in on your strengths.