Class Expectations and Rules

  • Class Expectations and Rules



    Be Respectful

    • Respect yourself; others will not respect you if you don’t respect yourself fkirst.
    • Respect others as you want them to respect you.
    • Derogatory language or gestures of any type will not be tolerated.


    Be Prepared

    • Be ready to work, Your grades are your responsibility.
    • Complete all work assignments. Failures to turn in homework may result in detention after school.



    • If you are absent from class, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain the work missed (homework, quizzes, tests) and completed them within the same number of days missed.
    • Raise your hand when asking a question or providing an answer. Wait until called upon, silently.
    • Students are expected to be proactive in their grades. It is the students responsibility to keep track of completed and missing assignments, quizzes or tests. If a student or parent/guardian does not know what their grade is, I will provide a progress report on request. Please feel free to contact me directly if there are any concerns.


    Class Procedures

    • On entering the room, students will get their folders, pen/pencil,  and assigned calculator. Students may talk quietly until their work is distributed.
    • Once the work is distributed, students are expected to complete their work quietly.
    • Group work may only be completed with permission from the teacher.
    • Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.


Last Modified on December 14, 2017