Grading Guidelines

  • Math classes

    Math courses will be completely taught in the classroom. I will send grades at the end of every 3 week grading cycle to their campus teacher. Subsequently, TxConnect will not reflect current grade until the end of that grading period. Grading will be done in accordance with the district grading policy.

    Electives Classes

    Elective assignments are received from students parent campus and distributed to students assigned here to the DAEP. Campus teachers do not come and teach these subjects. Students are mentored by the elective teachers and various resources are available for students use in completing these assignments. The resources include textbooks and computers in the classroom. Work will be returned on the due date whether completed or not. If students refuse to complete the work, they will be given a form indicating so for their signature. This form with the incomplete work will then be returned to their teacher. I will endeavor to help students complete their work but it is their responsibility to complete the work on time. Work is grades by their campus teachers.

Last Modified on August 23, 2019