Varsity Football Season Ticket Information

  • Varsity football season ticket renewals will start June 10th with new season tickets going on sale July 29th.  Please check the calendar on the season tickets page for exact dates tickets are sold, as well as who can buy tickets on which days. 
    ** The calendar is subject to change. 


    NEW IN 2019 - Away game tickets will be sold both on the campus and at the central athletics office the week of each game.


    Clemens - $42 (6 home games @ $7/game)

    Steele - $28 (4 home games @ $7/game)

    ** Clemens is home for the Battle of 3009.  Steele season ticket holders will need to purchase a visitor ticket for the game.


    Season tickets are sold at the:

    Marion Dolford Learning Center
    200 W Schlather St
    Cibolo, TX 78154

Non-Varsity Football Sports

  • High School Event Ticket Prices:
    Adult - $5.00
       * Prices as of 6/1/2018 (Per District 26 6A handbook)


    Junior High Event Ticket Prices:
    Adult - $3.00
    Student - $2.00
       * Prices as of 8/1/2018 (Per 2018-2019 STAC constitution)