How Can the School Counselor Help?

  • How Can the School Counselor Help?

    Individual Counseling:


    Individual counseling is offered on a short term basis for a variety of student concerns that may be affecting them academically or socially.  Students may see a school counselor for a variety of reasons including: stress, study skills, family changes, bullying, etc. 


    *I do NOT provide clinical counseling services*


    Small Group Counseling:


    Small groups provide additional learning experiences, giving children the opportunity to build relationships, practice new skills, and learn through the support of group members.  Small group topics vary widely and are determined by data and current need. 

    Classroom Guidance Lessons:


    Classroom lessons address important preventative and developmental topics, including conflict resolution, bullying, academic skills, career, and personal safety, among others.  Topics are determined by needs assessment data and meet both state and national standards.    



    Consultation with parents and teachers is critical part of the school counselor’s role in advocating for students and helping them succeed.  School counselors help locate community resources for parents in search of information or services to help their child at home.


    Referral Process:


    Parents can email or call me directly to talk about their student or schedule a meeting.  Students can refer themselves by asking his/her teacher to see me. 

    Parent Workshops:


    Parent workshops are a great way for us to learn more together.  Parent workshops over a variety of topics such as encouraging your child to read during the summer, helping your student prepare for standardized testing, and bullying prevention.  I hope to partner with parents to increase our students’ achievements and personal success.  Send ma an email with ideas you (as a parent) would like to see incorporated in a workshop model.


    I work to maintain the privacy of students and their families; confidentiality is of utmost importance.