Sra. Díaz

  •      Dual Language will have 4 major projects a year that will count as test grades, 1 project every 9 weeks and one per subject.  It is recommended that you help your child and/or ensure that they are following directions in meeting the project requirments.  These assignments also provide opportunities for families to learn and spend time together.


         Weekly reading homework consists of reading at least an hour per week in Spanish, or 20 minutes 3 times a week, and completing reading logs with parent signatures.  Part of the this homework is the child's responsibility in remembering to complete this very simple task every week.  This homework assignment will help your child grow in their Spanish, grow in their reading abilities and teach them responsibility to prepare them for middle school.  It is highly recommended that they read with an audience, even if that person doesn't know any Spanish.  Talking about it afterwards will increase their comprehension and communication skills.  Students should have dictionaries at home in either an online website or a paper book.   


         Weekly spelling homework consists of spelling words and activities to learn their meanings.  Club Juntos, my afterschool club, is available for students to work together (juntos) to complete their homework and have teacher assistance if needed.  A week's time is given for completion.  At the beginning of the year, some students might find the assignment challenging but then will find it easier to complete before the middle of the year.


          Science homework might be given about once every 9 weeks.  If science homework is given, spelling homework will not be given that week.  Science homework will consist of reading comprehension in science concepts with questions to answer. 


          ***Consequences for not turning in homework on time:  study hall and Dojo points taken away