• Food allergies are an increasing concern for parents and schools across the nation. Imagine how scary it must be for a parent to send their child to school in an environment that is out of their control. This is especially true when peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, peanut butter containing snacks are a staple for many families in these tough economic times. Peanut butter is very affordable while providing an excellent source of protein; however, peanut butter and other nut containing foods can also cause life threatening reactions for children with such food allergies. I have provided a few links to help educate our families about the impact food allergies can have. Having knowledge and practicing prevention of exposure are two important factors we can all benefit from. Let's keep our Patriots with food allergies safe!!!


    A 24-hour notice IS REQUIRED to bring treats for birthday celebrations. All treats must be store bought and should not contain or be processed with any peanut or treenut products. 

    Click here for food allergy management information from our district's Child Nutrition Department.

    Food Allergy Awareness - Safe Snack List

    The staff at Paschal Elementary does a fantastic job keeping our children with food allergies safe!! The most common food allergies are those associated with nuts / nut products; therefore, click on the link to view the Snack Safely handout that contains an extensive list of "safe" snacks / treats for children affected by this. It is also great information if your child has a friend with food allergies over for a playdate or sleepover. One of our parents shared this with me, and I wanted to pass on this great resource to other families.

     Happy Snacking!!!