• Un-Homework
    Did you know? Too Much Homework
     There will be NO mandatory homework!
      Instead, I will be sending home UnHomework. It will be up to your child if they want to complete the choices that are sent home every Monday.  They are meant to be more 'realistic' type activities that can be done as a family versus paper and pencil practice.  If they turn in a signed ticket, they have the chance to win our Weekly Drawing for a special prize!  Prizes include classroom cash, free coupons, and more!   I want the students to go home and spend time with family after a long day at school and not stress about homework! 
     I ALWAYS want students to read nightly....but for fun, not homework! Reading books will benefit your student more than any reading app, so the more books your student reads, the better!
     Most weeks students will have spelling words, but get creative with how you practice them!