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-The Ford Pinto is introduced.


-The E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency) is formed.  Water & Environmental Quality & Clean Air Acts are passed.


-The world’s first “jumbo jet”, the Boeing 747 enters commercial service for Pan American Airways.


-The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty goes into effect, ratified by 43 nations.


-Apollo 13 Moon Mission is launched. The crew is forced to abort the mission when an oxygen tank explodes in the spacecraft. Under emergency conditions, Apollo 13 splashes down safely in the Pacific.


-Black Sabbath's debut album, “Black Sabbath” was released.  Some heavy metal fans recognize this album as the first true heavy metal album.

-Diana Ross & The Supremes perform their farewell concert.



-William Malish Administrative Building construction was completed. 


-Enrollment is 3,660 and the District employees 207.





-The voting age in the United States is lowered to 18; while in Switzerland, women get to Vote for the first time in history. 


Intel introduced the first practical use for the microprocessor invented by Faggin, Hoff & Mazo.  The tiny size of the microprocessor makes the prominence of digital devices in modern life possible. Microprocessors are used in everything from automobiles, digital cameras, laptops & cell phones to children's toys & musical instruments.



-Clean Water Act is passed.


-The women's movement grows in the 70’s. In 1972, an Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was passed in both houses.  However, the amendment lapsed because there were only 30 states in favor of its adoption by the end of the ten year deadline for ratification.


-Six PLO terrorists murdered two and took ten hostages from the ranks of the Israeli Olympic Team when they attacked the Israeli compound within the Olympic Village at the Munich Olympics. Nine of the hostages and four terrorists were later killed during a rescue attempt.


-Atari released PONG -  It quickly became the first commercially successful video game, and led to the start of the video game industry.


-U.S. Olympic Swimmer, Mark Spitz brings home 7 Gold Medals.  





-End of American Involvement in VietNam. (January)


-The American Indian Movement re-claimed Wounded Knee (S.D.) in the name of the Lakota Nation in a final stand for native rights, the stand off lasted 71 days. (February)


-The fuel crisis is triggered when OPEC proclaimed an oil embargo because the United States decided to re-supply the Israeli military during the Yom Kippur War. 




-Lucy, a 3 million year old, almost complete hominid skeleton, is discovered in Africa.


-The (UPC) Universal Product Code is scanned for the first time, at a supermarket in Troy, Ohio.


-Post-it notes are developed.


-The fuel crisis: gasoline shortages and price increases contribute to economic problems in the western world.


-55 MPH Speed Limit imposed to preserve gas in the U.S. 


-Work begins on the 800 mile long Alaska Oil pipeline.


-J. Frank Dobie Junior High School The first of five stages was built.  The original building was completed in 1974 as an intermediate school.




-The father of summer blockbusters,  "Jaws" made everyone think twice about going into the water. 


 -Arthur Ashe won the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, unexpectedly defeating Jimmy Connors in the final.  Ashe remains the only African American man to ever win the singles title at Wimbledon, the US Open, and Australian Open. 









-U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Soviet Leader Gorbachev meet for the first time.


-President Reagan announces Strategic Defense Weapons (SDI) will not impact arms talks.






-America’s BiCentennial is a year long celebration as communities all over the country mark the event.


-Hank Aaron retires with Major League Baseball record of 755 home runs.



–The New York City Blackout lasts 25 hours & results in looting & disorder.

-The World Trade Center is completed

-The first Apple Computer goes on sale.

-Quebec adopts French as the official language.

-Jimmy Carter is elected U.S. President 

-Rock n' Roll fans are shocked and saddened by the death of Elvis Presley from a heart attack at age 42.

-Twentieth Century Fox released "Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope"  (May).




-Margaret Thatcher becomes Britain’s first female Prime Minister


-The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in support of anti-Islamic rebels. The resulting war lasted ten years.  It depleted the Soviet Union and contributed to the fall of communism beginning in 1989.


-Iranian terrorists seize the American Embassy in Tehran taking 52 hostages.


-Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident occurred when equipment malfunctions, design-related problems and worker errors caused a partial meltdown of the reactor core.  There were very small off-site releases of radioactivity and no deaths or injuries to plant workers or members of the nearby community, but the incident resulted in sweeping regulatory changes.


-The first television network just for kids.  Nickelodeon first launched on April Fools Day, 1979.  Kids went crazy for the “You Can’t Do That on Television” show - where kids got splattered by green lumpy slime any time they said “I don’t know.”


by C Cielencki 2010

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