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    What does GT look like at Corbett?

    Corbett currently utilizes the clustered model.  Students in Science and ELA classes will be placed in sections identified internally as GT/Honors (on their schedule it will show up as Honors).  These sections are not exclusive to GT students, but are comprised mostly of gifted students.  The focus of this model is student agency and the clustering allows for more collaboration, inquiry based learning, and higher level discussions within the gifted population.  


     Meetings and Testing Dates

    GT Parent Meeting: TBD  All parents are welcome to attend the gifted meeting at Corbett. We will discuss how we are meeting the Texas State Plan for the Gifted and what to expect at Corbett this year! 

    Fall Transfer Testing Dates: TBD  This is for students transfering into Corbett who were identified gifted at their previous school.  Testing will take one morning session and be online. Students will still get their lunch break, but the time will be determined based on the testing schedule. Students must be on time and present for testing. 

    Spring Testing Nomination Period:  TBD  This nomination period is open to all students. To nominate a student for gifted testing please complete the online form found at the top of this webpage.  Any forms received after the due date will be rolled over into the fall nomination period or sent to Clemens.  

    Spring Testing Dates: TBD  Testing will take one morning session and be online.  Students will still get their lunch break, but the time will be determined based on the testing schedule. Students must be on time and present for testing. 


    Experiences and Competitions

    Academic UIL - With 11 events to choose from students can choose their preferred subject and shine! Practices begin in November and meets will be held in January and February.  Little known fact:  students who advance to state at the high school level can actually earn scholarship money.  Why not practice now? For more information regarding events and coaches see the UIL page.  

    Fall Field Day: TBD 

    Spring Field Day:  TBD


    Our Program

    The Texas State Plan for the Gifted identifies 5 key areas to serve gifted students. Below is the explanation of how Corbett is striving to meet the needs of our gifted population.  

    1)  Student Assessment:  There are two testing opportunities for identifying students as gifted.  The first opportunity takes place in the fall and is reserved for students who are new to the district OR arrived after January of the previous school year.  The second opportunity takes place in the spring and is open to all students not previously tested.  In order to be tested students must be nominated.  This nomination may come from a family member, a teacher, a counselor or a student may even nominate themselves.  The nomination form and permission to test form can be found at the bottom of this page.  

    2)  Service Design:  Outside of the classroom there are several activities available to gifted students.

    • District Field Days:  These days consist of quiz bowls, building, puzzle solving and much more.  Dates for field days will be posted as soon as I get them.  
    • Competitions/Events:  Several types of competitions from various outside groups come through my desk. After some research I will make copies of the basic information and offer it to the GT students.  
    • Academic UIL:  A competition consisting of 11 different events against other area schools.  For more information see Corbett's UIL page.   

    3)  Curriculum & Instruction:  The SCUC ISD gifted program currently offers services for the academically gifted.  Students will receive differentiated instruction in any core subject in which they are identified. Differentiation may be in the form of the Texas Performance Standards Project and/or teacher driven differentiation.

    4)  Professional Development:  Every core teacher at Corbett is certified to teach Gifted & Talented Students.  In order to be certified teachers must take courses in the identification of gifted students, their needs as a special population and how to differentiate for the gifted.  In addition to obtaining their original certificate teachers are required to do an annual 6 hour update.  

    5)  Family-Community Involvement:  Parents are encouraged to join the Parent Advisory Committee to help shape their child's education and give input on SCUC ISD Gifted & Talented Program.  Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact me or the district GT coordinator, Karen Blevins.