Senior Passes

  • Who qualifies for a Senior Pass?


    Seniors who are 65 years of age or older and who live within the SCUCISD tax base qualify for a Senior Pass.  This pass will allow card holders to attend SCUCISD home athletic events free of charge.  We honor Senior passes from any district.  In return, we request that when we travel to their school that they honor ours, but I cannot guarantee that they will do so.  To obtain a Senior pass, please come by the central athletics office during office hours with a valid ID that shows your birth date and home address.

    If you have an old BLUE pass that says "VIP Pass" on it, you will no longer be granted admission to athletic events.  We replaced those cards during the 2015-2016 school year with the card pictured below.  If you have a WHITE card (pictured below) your pass is still valid even though it may have a date on it of 2015-2016.  After ordering the cards we decided against yearly renewals.  Newer cards that are being assigned do not have a date on them.

  • Picture of the senior pass

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