• Planner Policy

      Part of your job as a student,

       is being responsible for maintaining your planner.


      - All students will need to have a planner for school. Planners cost $4 and can be purchased on MySchoolBucks. Planners play a very important role in our classroom. If you lose your planner, you are responsible for purchasing another one in the office for $4. Also, losing your planner will result in a lower conduct grade.


      It is a tool to keep track of homework assignments.


      - You will take your planner to every class you attend (unless otherwise directed). This includes the library, computer lab, and specials. You will not take it to PE.


       - At the beginning of each class meeting, you will fill in your planner with the agenda for the day. Homework assignments will be designated with an "HW." 



      You are required to bring your planner to school everyday. If you make a habit of forgetting or misplacing your planner you will miss recess time and/or have a call made to your parent/guardian.