• Welcome to Mr. Botello's Website for Physics Classes for the 2020/2021 School Year. This year we will be starting virtually, so it is imperative that all students log into their Period's Google Classroom and Remind. I will use Remind as a communication tool and Google Classroom will be used to post and submit assignments.  

    Google Classroom Codes

    Period 1 - 4xckifd 

    Period 2 - th47xys 

    Period 3 - prtdlo4

    Period 4 - vgbmtp4

    Period 6 - x5x7eqc
    Period 7 - pmvsidg

    Remind Codes

    Period 1 - @phys1bot

    Period 2 - @phys2bot

    Period 3 - @phys3bot

    Period 4 - @phys4bot

    Period 6 - @phys6bot

    Period 7 - @phys7bot


     My email is ebotello@scuc.txed.net

    Email is the best way to contact me but if that is not possible, please call the school and they will get in contact with me. 

    Steele HS - (210) 619- 4000

    For more information on Mr. Botello's Physics Class click this website 


    Hello my name is Eric Botello. This is my 8th year as a teacher and my 3rd year at Steele High School. I love teaching Physics and exposing kids to the concepts and ideas that made me love Physics. 

    I obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Physics from Texas State University and a Master's of Science in Physics with an Emphasis in Biophysics from Rice University. 

    I am the father of 5 "wonderful" kids. I love spending time with them and now a days just finding things to do at home together or going for walks. 

  • Class Schedule

    1st - Physics 

    2nd - Physics

    3rd - Physics

    4th - Physics

    5th - Lunch

    6th - Physics

    7th - Physics

    8th - Conference

  • Zoom Schedule

    M-F 2:25 - 3:25 

    Before or After School with appointment


    Tutoring Schedule

    During Virtual Learning  a Zoom will run concurrently with Inperson Tutoring 


    After School Hours

    M  & W  -   4:15 PM  - 5:15 PM

    These are my official days but honestly as long as they talk to me, we can work out some time before or after school if these times do not work for them.