• As Eagle Choir members we will:

    • Be respectful to ourselves, others & our environment
    • Use positive & uplifting language 
    • Embrace failure as a part of the process
    • Strive for musical, emotional & academic growth for ourselves & those around us

              every where we go!

    Virtual Learning:

    At All Times...

    • Turn in work on time
    • Be respectful of all and do your best!!
    • If you have questions
      •  Email you Choir Director
      • Send a message via Google Classroom 
      • Discuss it with them via Zoom during their office hours

    When Zooming…

    • Arrive to on time
    • Dress appropriately. If you can not wear it in the school building do not wear it during a zoom
    • Mics remain muted unless Choir Director instructs you otherwise
    • Have a question? Use the “raise hand” sticker