• Mechanics, Heat, and Sound PHY 302K and Physics 1 Lab Course PHY 102M
    General Information
    Welcome to On Ramps Physics!  This course is considered a Dual Enrollment course, where the student is enrolled as my student in the high school classroom AND enrolled as a student through the University of Texas, under Dr. Marder. The student you will receive a grade for both high school and college.  Most of the material will count towards both grades, however the manner of grading may be different between the two.  The University of Texas has provided a syllabus for their course credit (attached).  Below you will find the grading system specific to the high school credit.

    Materials Required:

    • As part of this course students will need regular access to internet

    • A scientific calculator (physical or downloaded)

    • Composition Notebook/Paper (for note taking, high school course work, and scratch work)




    Remind Code: @23hc88