• books English I is STAAR/EOC tested subject.  Because of this, this is an intensive course, and students will be reading and writing daily.  The expectation is that ALL students are successful on the STAAR (EOC) test. Students will be challenged with text that could be considered controversial in nature.  Our goal is to ensure all students are able to grapple with multiple ideas and perspectives in a manner that is appropriate and polite.


    Class Syllabus 2018-2019



    You cannot learn in class if you do not come prepared to class.  Your English notebook will become an intricate part of your learning; all supplies, including highlighters and writing utensils, must be brought to class daily.

    You MUST HAVE:

    • 1 subject, 70+ page notebook OR composition notebook

    • a dedicated English pocket folder, with or without brads. This may also be a section of your school binder

    • loose-leaf paper

    • regular-sized Post-it© Notes

    • set highlighters that must include yellow, pink, green, and blue for close reading

    • pens and pencils including a red pen.



    1. This is how your grade is calculated:

    • 50% = Formative/Daily Assessments (classwork, homework, quizzes, etc.)

    • 50% = Summative Assessments (major tests, essays, projects, etc.)

    1. You're responsible for making up work you miss when you are absent. You have only two days for each day absent to make-up your work.  After the grace period, the late policy applies. Check the assignment folders for missing worksheets/daily work. If you missed taking notes, a quiz, or a test, you will have to come in during tutoring hours to make it up. No exceptions!
      3.    Late work will be according to the three-day rule with a 10% cumulative reduction per day with a maximum 30 point deduction. Any and all late work turned in will be graded after all current on-time assignments are graded.  I will not accept late work after the three-day rule.
      4.    Retests must be taken within a week of the original test for any failing grade.  An average of the two grades will be taken (according to district grading guidelines). There are no retests for formative assessments.

    What if I need help?
    One thing you will learn about me very quickly is that I will do anything I can to help you succeed in my class. I am here before school, during lunch, and after school. If things outside of this classroom are affecting your performance, I want to help you work through those problems as well. In the end, there are no excuses for failure!


    Please take the time to sign-up for Remind.  This allows me to send a text message to you and/or your child to remind you of upcoming tests, due dates, etc.  In addition, students and/or parents may reply to me through the text messages you receive with any questions.

    • Clickable link: Remind link

    • OR, text @pottseng1 to 81010


    Please check links to assignments, agendas, and warm-ups in the Class Resource section in the navigation menu. I update these weekly so you can keep up with your assignments.


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