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-President Jimmy Carter announced a U.S. boycott of the Moscow Olympics. This was in response to the 1979 Soviet invasion into Afghanistan.

-In the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington, Mount St. Helens erupted triggering a magnitude 5.1 earthquake and massive landslide (May 18).

-Britain granted independence to Rhodesia, the last colony it occupied in Africa.

-The SAS (Britain's Special Air Services) stormed the Iranian embassy in London to successfully rescuing 18 of 19 hostages held by terrorists.

-Ted Turner established the CNN television network (Cable News Network) providing 24 hour news coverage.

-Namco launches Pac-Man, the first computer game to feature a central character.

-Ronald Reagan was elected the 40th U.S. President.

-The 1980 census reported the Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City I.S.D. served a 60 square mile area; of which the population was 20,745


-Under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, England began privatization of nationalized industries creating an economic revival that was soon copied by many other countries.

-IBM launches the IBM PC, making the home/personal computer practical.

-The space shuttle Columbia made her maiden flight. 

-MTV: Music Television Network is launched.


-Following the worst drought in history, the death toll in Ethiopia reaches 4 million.

-In the United States, unemployment is the highest since 1941, reaching 12 million.

-Hurricane Alicia killed 22 when it made landfall on the Texas coast.

-The final episode of "M*A*S*H". The TV show set in Korea during the Korean War (1950s), revolved around the work and antics of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH). The final episode was the most-watched television program up until that time.

-Cabbage Patch Dolls were introduced to mass market.


-The Soviet Union and fourteen other countries of the Eastern Bloc boycotted the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles claiming security concerns. Popular opinion was that the boycott was a response to the U.S. boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics and U.S. aid to Muslim rebels fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan.

-Apple launches the Mac (Macintosh) personal computer with a mouse. 

-On the Fourth of July 1984, Richard Petty drove his number 43 Pontiac to first place in the "Firecracker 400" at Daytona Beach.

-In 1984 O'Henry Junior High was re-named Ray D. Corbett Junior High to honor the SCUCISD educator/principal/administrator retiring after 24 years. During the nearly 60 year history of this school located at 301 Main Street, Schertz; the building has grown in stages from a single one story building into multiple one and two story buildings. In 2009 Ray D. Corbett Junior High School moved to a replacement campus.  At the time of this writing, the plans for this school at 301 Main Street have not been finalized.


-In his State of the Union address, President Ronald Reagan defines some of the key concepts of his foreign policy, establishing what comes to be know as the "Reagan Doctrine".

-Terrorists attacks continue, including the hijack of TWA Flight 847 by Hezbollah, and the Italian Cruise Liner "Achille Lauro ".

-Live Aid pop concerts in Philadelphia and London raise over 50 million for famine relief in Ethiopia.

-Cincinnati Reds player-manager, Pete Rose gets the 4,192nd hit of his career, breaking Ty Cobb’s major league record for career hits.

-Cyndi Lauper is named "Ms. Magazine's Woman of the Year" for her irrepressible pro-woman lyrics, for the issues she tackled in her songs and for her efforts to change the role of women in rock.

-Nintendo is introduced in the U.S. and is a huge success.

1985 - The first "Golden Buffalo" awards were given to employees to recognize exemplary performance.  In 2000, these awards became known as "Commitment to Excellence Awards".


-Ronald Reagan's presidency is under scrutiny during the Iran-Contra Affair.

-England’s Proclamation of the Australia Act severs the legal bond between Australia & England.

-Micronesia gains independence from the U.S.

-NASA’s space shuttle "Challenger" exploded after liftoff. The crew was lost. The Challenger's crew included the first civilian astronaut, Christa McAuliffe, a New Hampshire school teacher and mother of two.

-Britain suffers epidemic of "mad cow disease" 

-"Ferris Bueller Takes a Day Off"


–Using Alec Jeffrey’s technique for identifying an individual’s unique genetic code (1984); Henry Erlich develops a method that yields a DNA Fingerprint from minute DNA samples.

-President Ronald Reagan is famously quoted from his speech at the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin saying, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall." Before the decade ended, the wall came down with the fall of communism in Europe.

-The world was held spellbound as rescuers worked to remove 18 month old baby Jessica McClure from an abandoned well, where she was trapped deep below ground. 

-Fox Broadcasting Company made its prime-time television debut.

-"The Simpsons" are seen on television for the first time.

1987/88 SCUCISD enrollment is 3,806.  There are 433 Employees


-Pan Am Flight 103 from London to New York exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland, when a bomb planted by Islamic terrorists was detonated. All 243 passengers and 16 crew members aboard, as well as 11 Lockerbie residents on the ground were killed.

-The Hubble Space Telescope went into operation to map the Universe. Amazing discoveries about our universe have been made through our work with the Hubble & it is still exploring deep space today.

-The U.S. Stealth Bomber is unveiled

-Hockey Star, Wayne Gretzky was traded to the Los Angeles Kings.

-The lights go on at Wrigley Field. The Chicago Cubs host the first night game in the history of Wrigley Field.

-Stacy Allison becomes the first American woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the highest point on earth.


-Students, Faculty, Staff & Parents join "Hands Across the District" to form a chain that spans SCUCISD to commemorate Texas Public Schools Week.

-The collapse of the Soviet Union coincided with the destruction of the Berlin Wall. The fall of the Berlin Wall marked the end of communism in Germany, and was a symbol for the end of communism throughout Europe.

-March 24th, The supertanker, Exxon Valdez ran aground on a reef in Prince William Sound tearing a hole in the hull and spilling 35,000 tons of crude oil into the sea to wash up on the unspoiled wilderness of the Alaskan coast.

-The People's Liberation Army of China by order of the Chinese government killed 500 students and workers demonstrating for democracy and greater freedom in the Tianamen Square in Beijing.

by C Cielencki 2010


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