• Sept. 2- Sept. 6


    Monday, Sept. 2nd


    School Holiday 


    Tuesday, Sept. 3rd

    *Summer reading assignment due

    1.Teacher Book Talk

    2. 10 minutes IR

    3. Introduction to painting analysis 

    4. Hmwk: Exit slip- Why did you choose the book you are currently reading?


    Wednesday, Sept. 4th

    1. Literature terms test

    2. Hmwk: None


    Thursday, Sept. 5th

    1. Teacher book talk

    2. 10 minutes IR

    3. Continue with painting analysis 

        A. Paralellism practice

    4. Hmwk: Complete first attempt thesis statement 


    Friday, Sept. 6th

    1. Draft first attempt thesis statement 

    2. Show student samples

    3. Peer review

    4. Complete second attempt at thesis statement

    5. Hmwk: None