• Sept. 2- Sept. 6


    Monday, Sept. 2nd


    School Holiday 


    Tuesday, Sept. 3rd

    *Passion Project Pitch Due

    1.Show/present pitches in class

    2. Hmwk: None


    Wednesday, Sept. 4th

    1.Credibility mini lesson

    2. Database run-down

        A. Citations for sources

    2. Hmwk: Bring in one source about your passion


    Thursday, Sept. 5th

    1. Paraphrase and summary minilesson 

    2. Summarize source

    3. Hmwk: Complete source summary 


    Friday, Sept. 6th

    1. Check source summaries

    2. Intro to annotated bibliography

    3. Work time on annotated bibliography 

    4. Hmwk: Annotated bibliography due 9/10