Corbett Junior High School 

    Choir Handbook



    Julien S. Lopez, Choir Director


    Office Phone (Google Voice): (210) 816-0557


    ** NOTE: Some of the information in this handbook has been updated for our Remote learning Environment. JUST BECAUSE WE ARE ONLINE DOESN’T MEAN WE CANNOT MAKE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC TOGETHER :) 


    This handbook outlines the rules, policies, expectations, and opportunities for choir students and their parents/guardians. Parents and students should read this entire handbook as students will be held accountable for its contents, and procedures/policies are updated yearly.


    About the Corbett Mustang Choir

    • Please see “The Choir Ensembles” for a detailed description of each choir class offered. The Corbett Mustang Choral Department has a variety of different ensembles available to any dedicated students who wish to strive for musical excellence in vocal performance. 
    • The choir program has classes that will fit students from all walks of life, regardless of age, experience level, or background.
    • Any student wishing to be in an upper level ensemble must contact Mrs. Lopez directly and request permission. 

    Corbett Choir Student Council: Students as both leaders and musicians 

    Students in each choir class period will be selected through a peer voting process.


    • Responsibilities of  Choir Council members:


      • Committed to give extra time outside of class to attend leadership meetings at designated times. 
      • Help make decisions on how we should use choir activity funds.
      • Help organize choir music, documents, and uniforms through Cut Time.
      • Lead peer rehearsals responsibly with substitute teachers when necessary.
      • Run various errands to help keep the choir room organized.
      • Committed to helping others who are struggling, or need a friend.

    The Corbett JHS choral program objectives

    Based on the middle school music TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills)

    These objectives include:

    • Music Literacy
    • Creative expression
    • Understanding music in relation to history and culture
    • Critical evaluation and response
    • Singing with correct / healthy vocal techniques
    • Positive performance experience, and enjoyment


    Choir Grading Guidelines:

    Choir is a performance-based class. Choir students are required to attend all mandatory performances throughout the school year as a minimum requirement.

    • Daily Grades (50%): participation, daily rehearsal etiquette and attendance, written assignments, folder/music checks, in class singing assignments.
    • Test Grades (50%): participation in concerts, contests, written and aural assessments:

    ** Singing participation and assessments will look different in our online learning environment. This will involve students submitting video/audio recordings as well as written assignments


    Choir Code Of Conduct


    • All members involved in the Corbett Mustang choir program are considered a family, including the director. We must help support each other to create an environment where everyone feels safe. This is the expectation of ALL students in the choir program, no matter what age or experience level.


    • Choir student expectations revolve around respect in all forms, and coincide with the general standards of student conduct as outlined in the Corbett Junior High Student/Parent handbook.
    • All choir students are free to express themselves through a safe and positive learning environment.
    •  Each Choir member has a responsibility to keep our environment this way with the choices we make, the actions we take, and the words we speak. 
    • Choir members have the opportunity to participate in field trips and off-campus activities. Accordingly, choir students will represent themselves, their colleagues, and teachers in a positive and professional manner whether on or off the Corbett campus. 
    • In any performance (including rehearsals!) the students are representing Corbett JH and the district as a whole, and should act respectful and professional.

    Classroom Expectations: Our time together is very valuable.

    Prompt: When you are late, you miss valuable musical learning opportunities.

    Respect: To teachers, students, property, yourself, and our time together!

    Prepared: Have all necessary materials

    Practice: Outside of class, as much as possible! Learn your music!

    Daily Procedures:

    • Observe online etiquette at all times, especially in live class meetings
    • Always have necessary materials: Pencil (NOT a pen!), highlighter, Music Binder, Correct Music
    • Have a positive attitude and be ready to sing.


    General Policies:

    • Attendance:  As a daily class, attendance will be taken every day, (and in the event of any required rehearsals, field trips, and concerts)
    • Consequences - Student behavior, respect, and conduct is part of the choir rehearsal etiquette grade taken EVERY DAY in class. Disrespectful behavior towards any person or property interferes with the choir environment we have worked so hard to create, and as such will NOT be tolerated.
        • In general, consequences include a discussion with the student first, then communication with the parents, a scheduled parent/teacher conference, and finally, a referral to admin. Severe infractions are immediately referred to administration. 
        • Per campus guidelines: Students and parents should be familiar with the mustang pride behavior matrix, and the system of low level referrals. 


    Uniforms: Students will wear their choir t shirt and jeans


    Required Performances:

    At this time, students will be assessed through solo video performances. There is the possibility of a virtual choir or performance of some kind in the future. However our performances happen, students will be assessed based on their participation and knowledge of the provided repertoire. 


    Optional, Competitive, and HIGHLY Encouraged Performances: These opportunities will look different this year due to remote learning. Any and all information will be given to students regarding each event when possible. 


    Region Auditions: Highly encouraged to eligible students. Students prepare selected solos to compete for a spot in the "Region Honor Choir". Students who make it into the region choir will earn the privilege of a workshop with a highly qualified conductor, and a performance with the region choir. Only the most dedicated and hard working singers are selected!

    UIL Group Concert and Sight-reading Contest: Highly encouraged to eligible students. Specified ensembles are judged and rated based on a group stage performance and group sight-reading ability. 

    Solo & Ensemble Contest: Students prepare solos individually or in small groups (trios, quartets, etc.) and are judged and rated based on performance.

    *Please refer to the “UIL Contests and Eligibility” document for more details.

    No Pass, No Play! - Students must be academically eligible (passing all classes with a 70 or above) to take part in any of these competitive UIL events



    • All Field trips and performances outside of UIL, will be funded based on the success of our fundraisers


    Fees: All paid through My School Bucks 

      • No Cash/Checks
        • Please contact me if this is an issue, it will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


    • Choir Fee ($20 total)


        • $10 Paid Separately through My School Bucks: for classroom supplies, class learning resources, books, and sheet music for students


    • $10 Choir T Shirt - paid separately through My School Bucks



    • IF the choir participates in one major fundraiser for the whole school year. Students will receive all information during class. . 
    • Fundraiser money goes into the choir student activity account and is used for: 
      • Any extra field trips or performances outside of UIL
      • Student refreshments
      • Uniform maintenance
      • Student materials & supplies 


      • Anyone interested in being a chaperone:
        •  go to www.scuc.txed.net 
        • click “community” at the very top
        • click “volunteers/mentors” at the bottom left
        • click the link to fill out the application
        • please wait 7-10 business days for the process to go through


    • If you volunteer and you must cancel:


      •  PLEASE make sure to give at least a week’s notice, and help find another person who can chaperone in your place. 
      • ANY event or performance without the proper amount of adult chaperones is subject to cancellation.



    Communication and Contact Information:

      • It is extremely important that I have accurate contact information for parents and students, for safety and accuracy of communication choir events and activities. 
      • All information obtained by the choir program will be kept confidential and used only for the purposes of contact and communication.
        • Google Classroom:
          • To Join Our Google Classroom, enter the code below for your period:
            • Period 1: wezpnmv
            • Period 2: mzajvlu
            • Period 3: olpyi65
            • Period 4: tcrcqkq
            • Period 5: agovkjf
            • Period 6: 3qv2jxz
        • Cut Time: The Choir uses www.cuttime.net for more communication and accurate information. Please visit the choir website for instructions on how to access the mustang choir on Cut Time. 
        • Remind: The choir uses “Remind” to communicate information quickly and privately. Please see the choir website for detailed instructions on setting up and using the “remind” app.


    • The fastest way to contact me is through texting my google voice number, remind or sending an e-mail to jslopez@scuc.txed.net
    • My google voice number that I use as my office phone number is (210) 816-0557