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-The release of Nelson Mandela after 26 years as a political prisoner heralds a period of South African reform and the end of its apartheid constitution in 1993.

-The first in-car GPS Satellite Navigation System goes on sale from Pioneer.

-On June 2nd & 3rd, 1990 (Saturday & Sunday) 66 tornadoes struck the Ohio River Valley from late evening into the early morning hours. Of the 66 tornadoes, seven were of F4 intensity. One F4 tornado traveled 94 miles; from southeastern Illinois into southern Indiana killing one person. The area effected included southern Illinois, central and southern Indiana, southwestern Ohio, and northern Kentucky.

-President George H.W. Bush signs the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

-In August, Saddam Hussein orders the Iraqi invasion into Kuwait. The United Nations responded by condemning the aggression and demanded a withdrawal and U.S. President George H.W. Bush announced Operation Desert Shield to prevent Iraq from invading Saudi Arabia.

-On August 23rd, Hussein appeared on state television with Western hostages to whom he had refused exit visas, saying to them on television, "Your presence here, and in other places, is meant to prevent the scourge of war."

-The television series, "Law & Order" premieres. It will become one of the longest-running primetime dramas in TV history and spawn several popular spin-offs.

-The first season of the NBC comedy "Seinfeld" aired in 1990.

-The Cincinnati Reds swept the World Series in four games against the defending champions, Oakland Athletics.


-The collapse of communism in the Soviet Union is complete and Boris Yeltsin is elected as the First President of the Russian Federation

-Operation Desert Storm led by U.S. General Norman Schwarzkopf liberates Kuwait from Iraqi military forces.


-Bill Clinton becomes U.S. President.

-Bosnia Herzegovina declares independence. The war that follows between Muslims, Serbs & Croats prompts UN intervention. 

-The communist government in Afghanistan is overthrown.

-U.S. Basketball Team wins Olympic Gold

-“Smells Like Teen Spirit," climbs to #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. It is the first single from Nirvana’s 1991 album “Never Mind”, which reached number one on the Billboard album charts.

-Wayne's World plays in theatres.


-Terrorist bomb explodes in a parking garage of the World Trade Center. Six were killed, more than 1,000 were injured, 50,000 people were evacuated, hundreds suffered from smoke inhalation and there was more than $500 million in damage to the site.

-President Bill Clinton signs the Brady handgun-control bill into law. The law is named for James Brady, press secretary for President Ronald Reagan, who was shot during an attempt on President Reagan's life in 1981.

-The nations of Western Europe became united in the spirit of economic cooperation under the European Union. The Union laid the groundwork for the establishment of a single European currency, to be known as the "euro."

-Julie Krone rides Colonial Affair to victory in the Belmont Stakes and becomes the first female jockey ever to win a Triple Crown.

1993- The SCUCISD Police Department is established. All patrol officers are fully licensed Texas Peace Officers.


-Major League baseball strikes. The World Series was cancelled. For the first time in history, baseball did not crown a champion because of the strike. (August) 

-An earthquake rocks Los Angeles, killing 54 people and causing billions of dollars in damages.

-Heavyweight Champion - 45 year old George Foreman knocks out 26 year-old Michael Moorer and becomes the oldest heavyweight champ in the history of boxing.

1994 - SCUCISD built the Hall of Honor Hall of Honor to recognize graduates & past employees for their contribution to the District and community.

1994 - Allison L. Steele Enhanced Learning Center is established in 1994


- A car bomb destroys the Oklahoma City Federal Building killing 168 including toddlers attending preschool center.

-The Dayton Accord is signed by leaders of Bosnia, Serbia & Croatia.  It is intended to be the end of the war in the Balkans (Bosnia and Herzegovina) but unrest continues to cause suffering in the region.

-Microsoft launches Windows 95.   

1995/96 - Enrollment is reported in excess of 4,800 in the 1995-1996 school year.  There are 675 SCUCISD employees 675 serving the cities of Schertz and Cibolo and part of Universal City.  The service area extends over a 60 square mile area in northeast Bexar county and southwest Guadalupe county.


-Dolly the sheep was the first cloned animal to have originated from the cell of an adult animal.

-A Blizzard in Washington, D.C., and the Eastern Seaboard causes the death of 154 people and over $1 billion in damages.

-The FBI arrested Theodore Kaczynski, the "Unabomber"; the elusive serial bomber blamed for 16 mail bombs that killed three people and injured 23 during an 18-year period.

-Serial bomber, Eric Rudolph detonates a nail laden pipe bomb during a rock concert at the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta.

-Country superstars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw wed.

-"The Macarena" reigns atop the U.S. pop charts.

-UN experts and Iraqi officials dismantle a biological weapons factory in Iraq.

-Boston Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens strikes out 20 Detroit Tigers, tying his own major league record for most strikeouts in a game.

1996 - The SCUCISD BOARD OF TRUSTEES receives the Magna Award Honorable Mention from the American School Board Journals.

1996 - Laura Ingalls Wilder Intermediate School was built in 1996.


-After 100 years of rule, Britain gives Hong Kong back to China (July).

-After a seven month journey, Pathfinder’s robot explorer sends pictures of Mars to NASA back on Earth. 

-Mother Teresa died at age 87.   She devoted her life to helping the poor, sick, orphaned, and dying of India. In 1950 she founded the Missionaries of Charity. Following her death she was beatified by Pope John Paul II and given the title "Blessed Teresa of Calcutta". (September 5, 1997)

-The film "Titanic" is released. The film won 11 Academy Awards. It grossed over $1.8 billion worldwide. It remained the highest-grossing film of all time, until the release of Avatar in 2010. Both films were directed by James Cameron.

-The first book of the Harry Potter series is published, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone".


-Senator John Glenn, Jr., returns to space aboard the space shuttle Discovery. At 77, nearly 40 years after he became the first American to orbit the Earth, Glenn was the oldest human ever to travel in space.

-For the first time since 1969, the U.S. Budget records a surplus under Bill Clinton’s Presidency

1998 - Barbara Charline Jordan Intermediate School Intermediate School was built.


-After his mother and 10 other Cuban refugee’s drowned trying to escape Cuba, six year old Elian Gonzales arrived in Miami clinging to an inner-tube. His uncle who lived in Miami, gained temporary custody of the child, but US officials returned him to his father in Cuba.

-In the Balkans, Serbs accelerate ethnic cleansing of Kosovo Albanians.

-Columbine High School Massacre.

-The U.S. hands over control of the Panama Canal, to Panama. The 50-mile canal that links the Atlantic and Pacific opened in 1914.

-Computer technicians around the world devise emergency plans in case of widespread disruptions caused by Y2K.

-At Texas A&M, the 59 foot high bonfire construction that traditionally marked Texas A&M’s annual football game against the University of Texas, collapsed. 12 students were killed and 27 were injured.

1999 - Maxine & Lutrell Watts Elementary was opened in 1999. To learn about Maxine & Lutrell Watts, click here 

1999 - Enrollment is 6,173 in September 1999. There 884 employees.

by C Cielencki 2010

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