All Things 3rd

  • School Phone #210-619-4400                     School hours   8:00 – 3:20


    PAWS Binder (Prepared And Wonderful Students)- This binder will come home every night containing homework, graded papers, notes, and/or permission slips. It will be marked so that you know which papers should be kept at home and which should be returned to school. Please place any messages to me in this folder. 



    Grades are taken on work done in class.  Students who make less than a 70 on a test may retake it for a maximum grade of 70. Daily work may not be redone for a higher grade. (See student handbook)   I will work hard to update my Grade Book on Gradespeed on a weekly basis. This online program allows parents to view their child’s grades online. 



    . You may contact me at 619-4400 (front office) or you can reach me by e-mail at (E-mail is the preferred means due to quick accessibility.)    If it is an urgent issue, ask the front office to let me know as there are days when I don’t get a chance to read my e-mails until the end of the day.



     It is mandatory that should there be a change in the way your child will get home I will need a note from you, or the office needs to be notified before 2:00 p.m. that day.



    Homework sent home is meant for reinforcement of a skill/concept taught in class and to help teach responsibility. Getting this homework home, completed, and returned to school is quite a task which comes easy to some while others will need some support.I will post concepts for the week on class dojo and usually optional assignments.


         I love student birthdays and enjoy celebrating them with my kiddos!    If you would like to send cupcakes or cookies, you may send them in the morning with your child as long as there is 24 hour notice.

    I am truly looking forward to working with you and your child throughout this school year! It is going to be a great year of fun and learning!! 


    Mrs. Babcock


    Field Trips

    We will have one field trip during the year.  We will inform you prior to the event. Your child’s safety is our primary concern; therefore, we may ask for your assistance with the trip.  If you are asked to go, you must have a completed security clearance on file.



    Classroom Parties

    We have several seasonal celebrations during the school year.  Our room mom or the classroom teacher will contact you before the event.


    Helping in the classroom

    We would absolutely love you to come and help out in the classroom.  If you are able to commit to a specific day each week, activities can be preplanned for you to do in the workroom or in the classroom with a small group of children.  We won’t be ready for classroom help for about 6 weeks.  Please make sure you have a filed security clearance form!


    Book Orders

    A Scholastic book order will come home periodically.  We cannot accept any cash. Make sure that checks are made payable to Scholastic Book Club.