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    Watts Third/Fourth Grade Handbook



    Welcome to Third/Fourth  Grade at Watts Elementary School! The purpose of this handbook is to provide information on classroom routines and policies.  Please take time to look over this important information and keep it handy as a reference throughout the year.We strive to foster an “open door” policy and welcome any suggestions or assistance as we team together to provide your child the best possible education.  We will communicate with you on a regular basis through a weekly newsletter and planner to keep you informed of events, projects, etc.  Never hesitate to ask anything related to your child’s education.  We have a mutual mission this year, and we look forward to sharing this time with you and your family.



    3/4th Grade Curriculum

    Our curriculum is directly aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). We introduce chapter books and novel studies and practice cursive writing.  We emphasize the writing process as the students compose various papers. Our math program depends on the nightly practice of facts and concepts.  With your help at home, you can expect mastery of basic multiplication and division facts by the end of the school year.  Social studies and science lessons will be integrated throughout the curriculum.  We actively discuss current events on a weekly basis.  Time spent in the computer lab enriches all skills. 



    Homework offers a way to promote responsibility, reinforce previously taught skills, and practice organizational skills.  Homework is usually given Monday-Thursday and written on the Weekly Newsletter.  Each student is also responsible for creating a daily/weekly at-home reading routine.  Students will select their own grade-level appropriate literature and independently read a minimum of 100 minutes of independent reading per week. Please mark the minutes your child reads on the newsletter. Please do not remove the newsletter from your child’s PAWS Binder.  Finally, if a student chooses not to complete his/her work during class time, the incomplete work will be assigned as additional homework.


           Grading Policy


     Students are expected to turn in work on the due date. Work that is turned in late = 10 point grade reduction. Study hall is provided for students with late work.




    All students are expected to learn content to mastery.  Quizzes, tests, projects, daily work and homework earning a grade below a 70 may be redone for a maximum grade of 70.  Students will be given ONE attempt per assignment to redo work for a maximum grade of 70.  If a grade higher than a 70 is earned on the redo assignment, then a maximum grade of 70 is recorded in Gradespeed.  Study hall is provided for students needing to redo assignments.



    STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness)

    Texas requires state tests to be given at various grade levels.  STAAR directly tests the state TEKS which is our required curriculum.  Therefore, your child’s daily work is STAAR preparation.  After diagnostic and practice tests, we offer extra instruction for students showing a need in both reading and math.  The STAAR will be administered in April.







    Book Reports

    All third graders are required to read and report on specifically assigned book genres throughout the year.   These experiences provide time management practice, creative opportunities, and individual challenges.   Details regarding book type and report format are assigned early in the nine-weeks and include specific directions and due dates.  Frequently we present examples in class, and we can provide some project supplies, if necessary.  



    To keep you informed daily, we use the student planner to communicate discipline each day.  Missing assignments are also noted in the planner, which should be kept in the PAWS Binder.  Some of us have additional forms of communication.   Parents need to review the binder each night. Then return it with the student the next school day.




    Star Student of the Week

    Every week, each teacher selects a particular student as the Star Student.  The student is spotlighted as he/she is offered special privileges in the classroom.  Parents are invited to eat lunch with the Star Student during the week.  Information is sent home with the honored student explaining this exciting program.


    Class Parties

    We are allowed to have three “official” class parties that include Winter Break, Valentine’s Day, and Field Day.  


    Student birthdays may be acknowledged by store-bought parent-provided treats for the class.  We kindly ask for 48 hour notice due to food allergies.  

    Please send in birthday treats by lunchtime.  Also, if

    parents choose to distribute invitations at school for private parties, please ensure that all classmates receive invitations.  If all students are not to be invited, please use the U.S. Postal system or other method. 




    Parent Volunteers

    The staff at Watts Elementary promotes parent involvement.  Feel free to offer help to the classroom teacher or to assist with campus-wide projects.

    **Please remember if you are going to be a parent volunteer, you MUST turn in a Criminal History / Background Check form.  This form is located on our school website.


    Dismissal Procedure

    It is extremely important that you notify the teacher in writing or the office by phone before 2:00 p.m. if there is a change is transportation. Your child’s safety is our main goal and we want to make sure that every child arrives home safely.


    Thank you for your involvement and support.  We wish you and your child an enriching and successful school year!  Once again, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call your child’s teacher.  The school’s phone number is 619-4400.


    Third /FourthGrade Teachers