• If your child is saying they need "butterfly" words, let me explain.  I have been getting them to write down ordinary words, run, hop, happy, pretty and then look those up in the thesaurus and write the synonyms for those words to spice up our writing.  We are also focusing on Introductions to stories and how to revise and edit.  I have them circle words they can find better synonyms for.  At this point and time your child should know what  Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, prepositions, prefixes, suffixes and Rules for doubling consonants.

    Rule one- CVC double consonant, add ed or ing

    Rule Two- CVCe  Drop the e and add ed or ing

    Rule Three- When a word ends in Y drop the i add ed and es

    Make no Change sentence- A sentence that has everything right

    Check to see if you have a M.I.N.T.S.

    M-months  I-stand alone I  N.-Names of people or places    T-Titles for things

    S. Start of sentence.


    Please continue on helping them remember to use comma's correctly and capital letters when appropriate.


    We are able to look up definitions and tell parts of speech, meaning, and guide words.

    Lastly, TRANSITION words.  Use something new.  Then, Next, Before, After that, etc.

    Introductions and conclusions should be the same concept, but said differently.

    I have attached a sheet to help them when creating a writing essay.  We also do a spider web to help them with their ideas.  There is great focus on writing this year and making sure they can write different kinds of compositions such as; letters, lists, poems, stories, informational, etc.

    Also I attached CUPS- this will help them edit when they are writing.  Thank you so much for all that you do!

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