Watts behavior expectations

  • We will be going over all school rules in depth throughout the year.  Please look around the hallways and see the new signs.  It shows you what the Wildcat Walk and the new stop lights that control voice level.  Green-go ahead and talk, Yellow-whisper voice, and Red- please zip your lips. :)

    School-Wide Behavior Expectations 

    * Do the right thing even when no one is watching *




    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Do Your Best


    *Wildcat Walk

    * Stop at  stopping points

    * Listen to directions from any staff member


    *Wait your turn

    * 3 is fine, 4 wait in line

    *Go , Flush, Wash & Leave

    * Model your Watts Pride

    After School

    *Listen to dismissal announcements

    *Have all of your materials

    *No returning to classroom

    * Set the example for others

    * Get where you are supposed to be  quickly and safely

    Before School

    *Talking Rhombus

    * Be where you are supposed to be

    * Follow staff directions


    *Keep hands and feet to yourself

    * Use good Manners


    *Pick up after yourself


    *Be considerate of peers, teachers and property

    *Follow your Grade-level expectations

    *We share our playground with all grades ~ Be considerate


    *Eyes on the speaker

    *Raise your hand to participate

    *Assembly position


    *Use Polite Words

    *Talking Triangle

    *Know your lunch number

    *Clean up after yourself

    *Raise your hand for help

    *Use good manners