Mail Services



     District mail distribution operations come under the Purchasing Department. Our mission is to provide the best interoffice information and mail services management for SCUCISD. In order to provide quality service to all our customers we need your support. This is a team effort. Thank you in advance for your help in making this the best mail service ever!


    Our Mail Service procedures are for official use only. Failing to follow these procedures as outlined below may result in a return of your mail for correction and resubmission once corrected. The mail services driver is not to receive or transport personal mail. If you have any questions regarding any of the information presented or procedures outlined, you may contact our office at 945-6223. 




    • Do not leave thick envelopes open and unsealed.
    • There should be no more than 8 sheets of paper in each envelope in a typical # 10 envelope. The postage machine will not seal thick envelopes properly. If absolutely necessary, you may fit up to 10 sheets in a #10 envelope, but they must not exceed ½ inch in thickness and must be sealed with tape across the entire back flap (the 10 sheet method is not recommended). If not done correctly, mail will be returned to the sender and not sent by the US Postal service.

    • When mailing manila envelopes with metal clasps via United States Postal Service, be sure they are sealed correctly before the driver picks up your district mail. The flap must cover the clasp and be SEALED WITH TAPE. The tape must cover the metal clasp. (USPS will not accept this type of mail without being properly taped/sealed. Absolutely, NO STAPLES. This will prevent the envelope from jamming our postage machine as well as the USPS processing machines). Please do not allow the tape to wrap around the front of the envelope & cover the area where the stamp will go. The ink will smear on the tape. 



    Outgoing US mail is taken from Central Office at 3:30 daily to the Schertz Post Office.





    • Should be used only if they are in good condition.
    • Use ONLY the preprinted interoffice envelopes. These are available in the campus office. Contact the Purchasing Department if more is needed @ 945- 6054 or E-Mail Korina Nadeau at: before 8:15AM.

    • Make sure your envelope is clearly marked to whom the information is to be sent in the space provided on the form.

    • Use only an envelope whose flap can be sealed by use of tie string. This will prevent your documents from falling out.

    •  Please put your name and school/department on the envelope to expedite the process in the mailroom. All 5 spaces should be filled out to ensure delivery to the correct campus/dept.

    • DO NOT use staples or tape to seal pony envelopes. 

    • DO NOT put personal items in the Pony. The Pony is for official use only. 

    Textbooks are NOT to be distributed in the Pony. They are considered inventory and the responsibility of the campuses or departments. Please make other arrangements.




    •  For an additional fee, certified mail may be combined with a return receipt. Fee in addition to .64 postage—$4.40.
    • Certified mail forms must be thoroughly completed before being turned into the district mail distribution system for processing. In the top right-hand corner, please be sure to write to whom the receipt is to be returned.

    • A mailing receipt is provided for the sender. A delivery record is maintained by the USPS. No insurance is provided. Available with First-Class Mail.


    (If extra forms are available in the district mailroom, the mail clerk may provide them upon request. Otherwise, simply ask your USPS mail carrier for some forms.) 



     Available by certified mail. Provides a mailer with evidence of delivery. Also, supply the recipient’s actual delivery address if it is different from the address used by the sender.

    • Fee in addition to postage requested at time of mailing showing to whom delivered, signature, date, and addressee’s address (if different)—$3.65. 




     Please provide our distribution clerk a minimum of THREE-DAY NOTICE for mass mailings (amounts greater than 300 pieces). This will enable us to plan accordingly to support your requirements in a timely manner.

    • Any amount over 300 pieces must be delivered to the mailroom by the campus/department. 

    • Mass mailings should be in the mailroom the morning before they need to be mailed. 

    • Report Cards and Progress Reports must all weigh the same. If it is necessary to put extra information in any particular grade level, besides the report card or progress report, that grade level must be separated to insure proper postage is affixed or weighed in advance to insure the weight has not increased. If the envelope needs to be sealed, the flap must be down just as it is taken from the box. DO NOT FLIP THE FLAPS ANY MORE!! 


    • All mass mailing must arrive in the mailroom in the long plastic containers available at the post office. Nothing else is acceptable, i.e. boxes & bags. These same containers will be accepted and processed at the US Post Office.


    POST CARDS: The USPS Size restrictions are: Length 5-6 inches, ONLY. Height 31/2-41/4, ONLY




    • Small boxes less than 10 pounds in weight may be sent through district mail. 
    • Campuses or departments requiring postage for items larger than 10 lbs. may contact the district warehouse at 945-6242.