• Professional Learning Philosophy

     The goal of professional learning is to provide meaningful learning for all SCUC-ISD faculty, staff and administration in order to improve instruction and thereby, improve student learning. 

    SCUC-ISD is fortunate to have exemplary teachers serving our students. Supporting our educators by providing opportunities to increase their skills and knowledge through collaboration and access to information is essential to our work. To achieve this goal,  we must build a learning community where all employees work  to solve problems and work towards the common goal of student success. 

    Foundation Courses

    SCUC-ISD has determined that all teachers in the district should have some foundation information and learning which has been organized into "Foundation Courses". For more information on these courses, click here for the Foundation Courses FAQ document.


    Professional Learning Communities

    Introduction to Professional Learning Communities in SCUC-ISD

    Over the past few years, SCUCISD has embraced the work of Professional Learning Communities, or PLCs, as a way to continuously learn with and through one another. We follow the Richard DuFour model for PLCs which is explained in more detail below.


    A PLC is any group of individuals with a common interest in education--grade level teaching teams, high school departments, a district’s campus principals--any group that comes together to work towards educational goals.

    In SCUCISD, PLCs are developed at every level, from classroom teacher to district superintendent. We believe that meeting regularly in PLCs allows us to collaboratively work on common goals with a deep focus on learning. In fact, PLCs themselves are designed as part of the entire learning community in SCUC. Meeting and learning from colleagues regularly is a proven way to impact the structure and culture of a school and improve practices at all levels.

    Additionally, DuFour’s model for PLCs includes 3 big ideas as to how PLCs can create this profound impact:

    • Ensuring that all students learn at high levels
    • Developing a culture of collaboration
    • Focus on results

    The foundation of a PLC rests upon the district’s mission, vision, values and goals. SCUCISD just updated these for 2018-2022; they can be found on the district website here.

    PLCs are driven by 4 questions

    1. What do we expect our students to learn? (Goals/Expectations)

    2. How will we know when they are learning? (Assessments)

    3. How will we respond when they don’t learn? (Intervention)

    4. How will we respond if they already know it? (Extensions/Enrichment)