Welcome to First Grade!!!

  • Dear Parents,



    Hello! The First Grade Teachers are looking forward to a successful and enjoyable year with your child. This time will be exciting for all of us. You will see your child grow tremendously both academically and socially.



    First Grade is also a time of big adjustments. Here is a brief overview of some of the things you will see throughout the year.



                                       Mrs. Copeland’s General Information

    School Phone# 619-4400      School Hours 8:10-3:20

    Conference Time 12:50 – 1:45


    Daily Binder- This binder will go home every night and will contain a behavior calendar. We will also use this folder to communicate and send home notes that may need to be returned. Please make sure the folder is checked and returned daily. :)


    Class Dojo - On the first day of school, the students and I discuss our classroom rules and the behaviors needed for success throughout the school year.  Our three main classroom rules will be the basis from which they earn positive and negative consequences for their behavior.  Classroom behavior will be monitored using Class Dojo, where students receive or lose points based on behavior.


    Spelling/Phonics- This year, we will be using a program called Fundations to teach some important basics of reading and spelling.  Rather than using a traditional weekly spelling list, we will assess concepts as units are completed in class. 


    Reading - Your child will be undertaking one of the most important challenges in his/her education: becoming a proud and confident reader! As teachers and parents we must work together for this to be achieved.  Reading (or being read to) for fifteen minutes nightly greatly improves reading progress.


    Math - Mathematical ideas grow slowly and children need many hands on experiences with various manipulatives to grasp different concepts. Math is all around us so discuss those numbers you see as you travel. For example speed limits---what are the digits, one more or less, ten more or less. The growth in mathematical understanding will astound you!


    Grades- In first grade, we grade for mastery of skills.  Students are not assigned numerical or letter grades.  Each nine weeks, we continually monitor students through formal and informal assessments to check for mastery of a skill.  Parents receive progress reports and a report card every nine weeks, as well as regular communication through daily folders and assignments, to let parents know how their child is doing.  If you have concerns about your child's progress or questions about their report card, please contact us by phone or email so we can set up at time to discuss their performance.


    Birthday Celebrations- If you would like, you may bring or send in a store bought birthday snack to share with the class. You are welcome to send the treats in the morning.  Because of several food allergies in our classes, we must have 24 hours notice or your student will be unable to share his or her treats.


    Snack Time- Each child is welcome to bring a snack for the day.  We ask that the snack be a nutritious one:  fruit, veggies, crackers, snack bar, etc.  Many of our students have nut allergies. Please be mindful as you purchase snacks. Your child is also welcome to bring a water bottle to school.  Please, no candy, soda or juice!


    Book Orders- A Scholastic book order will come home periodically.  Make checks and/or money orders payable to Scholastic Book Club. We cannot accept cash! You may also order on the website. We will send directions on how to do this.


    I look forward to an exciting year.  If you have any classroom concerns, please contact me as soon as possible. The best way to reach me is by Class Dojo or email. My address is jcopeland@scuc.txed.net.