• Agenda Nov. 4- Nov. 8


    Monday, Nov. 4

    1. Outline essay

    Hmwk: Annotated Bib due at 9p.m.


    Tuesday, Nov. 5

    1. Draft essay

    Hmwk: Final Draft due 11/6 at 9p.m.


    Wednesday, Nov. 6

    1. Intro to genius hour research project

        A. Jake Andraka video, reflection questions, and discussion

        B. Topic Bracket

    2. Watch instructional videos about choosing a topic and formulating a question


        A. Final Draft due 11/6 at 9p.m.

        B. Choose topic and watch videos


    Thursday, Nov. 7

    1. 10 Mins I.R.

    2. Based on chosen topic, formulate a research question 

        A. Identify controversy surrounding topic

        B. Question should help solve problem 

    3. Discuss goal: product should help solve problem/ someone else

    Hmwk: None


    Friday, Nov. 8

    1. Sophomore class presentations

    Hmwk: None