• Agenda Nov. 11- Nov. 15


    Monday, Nov. 11

    1. School Holiday

    Hmwk: None


    Tuesday, Nov. 12

    1. Intro to A Raisin in the Sun

        A. Discuss anticipation guide

        B. Discuss concept of dreams

    2. Create class definition of the "American Dream"

    Hmwk: None


    Wednesday, Nov. 13

    1. Discuss Hughes' background

    2. Poetry analysis activity

        A. Read and analyze "Let America Be America Again" and "Harlem"

        B. Compare/contrast different Americas

    Hmwk: Complete questions


    Thursday, Nov. 14

    1. Imagery analysis activity

        A. Contrast the "American Dream" from the "American Reality"

        B. Write a brief paragraph to explain your drawing

    Hmwk: Complete drawing


    Friday, Nov. 15

    1. Historical context activity

        A. Read one of the four articles, hightlight info based on the purpose/ and write down three facts

        B. Share facts with small groups

    Hmwk: Complete handout