• Question:  If I want to make changes to the appearance or structure of my building, what do I do?

    Answer:  The Maintenance and Facilities has a process to follow to help maintain district standards.  Please see the link on the Key Processes tab of our page.

    Question:  Why is my classroom hotter than my neighbors?

    Answer: there are many factors that affect the detected temperature (thermostat) and when the unit cools. They may include the number of students, the level of activity at any given time, open doors and whether or not the windows are covered.


    Question:  What is the cooling set point in my room?

    Answer: the cooling is set to 74° and the heat is set to 69°.


    Question:  Why does it sound like my air is shutting off in the afternoon after the students leave?

    Answer:  The HVAC units are never turned off. One hour after student dismissal the set point is adjusted up to save energy.  What is being heard is the fan cycling off because the air temperature in the room has reached the active set point.


    Question: What happens to old vehicles when they are retired?

    Answer: When equipment has reached the end of its useful life, the district places the items into an auction.  Any money received from the auctioned items is returned to the district’s general operating fund.


    Question: I'd like to work in the custodial department, but is it possible to have the same schedule as my children? 

     Answer - While there are a few morning positions throughout the district the majority of the custodial positions are in the evening, Monday-Friday. Approximately between 1:00 -10:30 pm depending on the campus. These positions are year round and during the summer our hours change to 7-5:30 pm Monday - Thursday. 

    Question: I was visiting my child during their lunch today and saw several students sweeping and throwing away lunch trays but at another campus I saw the custodial staff doing it. Whose responsibility is it to clean in the cafeteria during lunches?

    Answer Several of the Elementary campuses have programs in place to teach students how to be responsible for their surroundings. These programs are voluntary and the students have to sign up if they wish to participate. However, the majority of all cleaning is completed by our custodial staff between lunches. This includes taking out the trash, sweeping the floors and disinfecting the tables. 


    Question: I think my car was hit by a rock that was discharged from a district mower.  Will the district pay to repair my car’s windshield or will the district assume any responsibility?

    Answer: Unfortunately the district is not responsible for the repair of your car window.  Under the provisions of the Texas Tort Claim Act, a school district in Texas is immune from liability for property damage or bodily injury, unless that property damage or bodily injury arises from the school district’s negligent operation of a motor vehicle.


    Question:  Why is the marquee at my son’s/ daughter’s school out?

    Answer: In an effort to conserve resources, the district has turned off marquees around the district. 


    Question: I am a concerned citizen and I noticed something wrong at one of the schools after hours. For example a broken water line spewing water or a broken window. Who would I contact?

    Answer: We have a 24/7 after hours on call system.  The phone number is 210-945-6806.  This information can also be found on our district web page under the Maintenance and Facilities Dept.


    Question:   How does a campus go about adding a new requester on SchoolDude?

     Answer:  Call Maintenance at 6243 and someone will be able to add the new requester.


    Question:  Are the requester's able to choose the notification settings on the status changes on the work orders they submit?

    Answer. Yes, sign on at myschoolbuilding.com and go to settings.  It will give you two options to choose from the generic email setting and the preferred email setting.


    Question: Are employee's able to rent gyms for their personal use?

    Answer: Employees are not allowed to use the gyms for personal use.  However if an employee meets the required criteria to rent a facility in the district, they can submit a rental application.  (Please see the Facility Rental section of the Maintenance and Facility webpage on the SCUCISD site.)


    Question:  Does SCUCISD rent facilities for churches to conduct church services every Sunday?

    Answer: SCUCISD does not have the staff capacity to allow weekend rentals every weekend.