Reading is Fun!

  • Reading

    * Use magnetic letters to practice building words

    * Search for high frequency words in the world around: driving down the

       streets, restaurants, stores, etc.

    *  Look for patterns in words

    *  Use words you know to spell other words: I can spell like, so I can spell

        bike, hike, strike....

    *  Highlighting: read books and list or highlight all of the high frequency words

    *  Slowly write a word down. have your child try to figure out what the word is

        as quickly as possible

    *  Toss a ball to a child and call out a word.  have child spell the word when they     catch the ball.  Then they toss the ball back and have you spell a word.

    * READ! READ! READ! Have your child read to you and you read to your child daily!

    *  Work on story elements: 

    -name the characters

    -what was the problem/solution?

    -list 3 main events

    -retell the story to a friend

    -setting? (when and where the story takes place)

    *  How was the main character similar and different to you?

    *  How would you have tried to fix the problem?

    *  Discuss or write about the story