• Agenda Dec. 2- Dec. 6


    Monday, Dec. 2

    1.Discuss 2nd 9 Weeks I.R. Activity

    2. Go over pronoun usage rules and "Bedtime Story" Poem

    3. Handout "Ozymandias" Poem

        A. Green Sheet: Pink, Yellow, Green, and Blue

        B. Prep Roundtable discussion questions

    Hmwk: Green sheet poem and Prep for roundtable discussion 


    Tuesday, Dec. 3

    1.10 mins of I.R.

    2. "Ozymandias" roundtable discussion 

    Hmwk: None


    Wednesday, Dec. 4

    1. Discuss green sheet feedback

    2. Intro to "Ozymandias" Original Poem

    3. Show student samples

    Hmwk: Original Poem due 12/9


    Thursday, Dec. 5

    1. 10 mins of I.R.

    2. Intro to "The Witch"

        A. Read and breakdown guiding question: Analyze how the poetic devices are used to characterize the witch.

    3. Grammar sorting

        A. Students sort the grammar into chart for verbs, adverbs/adverb prep phrases, nouns, adjectives/adj. Prep phrases 

        B. Sort grammar into a T-chart after reviewing the question about characterization. There should be contrast (she is this but also this)


        A. Grammar chart due 12/6

        B. Original Poem due 12/9


    Friday, Dec. 6

    1. Review grammar chart

    2. Work time on either of the following: 

        A. Original poem

        B. "The Witch" green sheet


        A. Green sheet due 12/9

        B. Original Poem due 12/9