• Agenda Jan. 13- Jan. 17


    Monday, Jan. 13

    1. Go over Whitman's background

    2. "Captain" Warm-up

    3. Review vocabulary terms

    4. Read "Oh Captain, My Captain"

    Hmwk: None


    Tuesday, Jan. 14

    1. Analyze "Oh Captain, My Captain" 

        A. Group Green Sheet

    Hmwk: Complete your section of the Green Sheet

                 Group 1- 5 W's (Who, what, When, Where, Why)

                 Group 2- Pink (Diction)

                 Group 3- Yellow (Syntax)

                 Group 4- Green (Figurative Language)

                 Gropu 5- Blue (Tone)


    Wednesday, Jan. 15

    1. Complete Analysis of "Oh Captain, My Captain" 


    a. Green sheet due NLT 1/16

    b. Read Poe background and complete facts box


    Thursday, Jan. 16

    1. Whitman Quiz

    2. Discuss Poe's background

        a. Watch Bio Video

    3. Handout "The Raven"

        a. Green sheet poem (Small groups)

    Hmwk: Complete green sheet


    Friday, Jan. 17

    1. "The Raven" Interactive Notebook

    Hmwk: Complete interactive notebook/ due 1/20 at 9PM