• Agenda Jan. 13- Jan. 17


    Monday, Jan. 13

    1. Independent Reading Bell Ringer

    2. Introduction to "Crime of Compassion"

        A. View and discuss graphic

        B. Read passage and reflect

    Hmwk: Complete Reflection


    Tuesday, Jan. 14

    1. 10 mins of Independent Reading

    2. Grammar Bell Ringer

        A. Ind. and Dep. Clauses 

    3. Continue "Crime of Compassion" discussion

        A. SOAPSTone analysis

    Hmwk: Complete SOAPSTone


    Wednesday, Jan. 15

    1. Independent Reading Bell Ringer

    2. Complete SOAPSTone analysis discussion

    3. Thesis charades

    Hmwk: None


    Thursday, Jan. 16

    1. 10 Mins of Independent Reading

    2. Grammar Mini Lesson

        A. Ind. and Dep. Clauses

    3. Complete thesis charades

    Hmwk: None


    Friday, Jan. 17

    1. Grammar quiz

    2.Cliche activity

        a.Receive a popular cliche

        b. Look up the history behind it and why it is still being used 

    3.Intro to "Let's Think Outside the Box of Bad Cliches"

        a. Read the passage

        b. Complete analysis questions 

    Hmwk: Complete analysis questions