• Agenda Jan. 20- Jan. 24


    Monday, Jan. 20

    1. School Holiday

    Hmwk: None


    Tuesday, Jan. 21

    1. Discuss "The Raven" Interactive Notebook

    2. "The Raven" quiz

    3. Intro to next poet/poem

    Hmwk: Answer question in Google Classroom


    Wednesday, Jan. 22

    1. Intro to next poem

       A. Read poet's biography

       B. Read poem

    2. Begin green sheet analysis

    Hmwk: Green sheet due tomorrow


    Thursday, Jan. 23

    1. Discuss green sheet analysis

    2. How to embed short pieces of text evidence mini lesson

    3. Intro to short answer response (Test grade)

        A. Choose one of the poems that we have read in class

        B. Work time on graphic organizer

    Hmwk: Complete graphic organizer for peer revision tomorrow in class


    Friday, Jan. 24

    1. Work time on short answer response (Test grade)

        A. Complete graphic organizer

    2. Peer revise

    Hmwk: Final draft due Monday