• Agenda Jan. 27- Jan. 31


    Monday, Jan. 27

    1. Discuss feedback for OER

    2. Work time on final draft (Test Grade)

        A. Final draft due at the end of class

     Hmwk: None


    Tuesday, Jan. 28

    1. Grammar Mini Lesson

        A. Comma Usage

    2.Intro to informational unit

        A. Handout Vocab

        B.Journal reflection

        C. Class Discussion

    3. Scenarios activity

    Hmwk: None


    Wednesday, Jan. 29

    1.Grammar Mini Lesson

        A. Comma Usage

    2.Complete scenarios activity

    3. Discuss Universe of Obligation

    4.Intro to "38 Who Saw Murder, but..."

    Hmwk: None


    Thursday, Jan. 30

    1.Grammar Mini Lesson

        A. Comma Usage

    2. Read "38 Who Saw Murder, but..."

    3. Work on analysis questions

    Hmwk: Complete analysis questions


    Friday, Jan. 31

    1.Grammar Practice

        A. Commas

    2. Read "What Really Happened"

        A. Discuss auathor's bias

    3. Work on open ended response question

    Hmwk: Complete open ended response