• Agenda Feb. 17- Feb. 21


    Monday, Feb. 17

    1. School Holiday



    Tuesday, Feb. 18

    1. Rhetoric Test 

    Hmwk: None


    Wednesday, Feb. 19

    1. Persuasive essay timed writing

      A. STAAR style essay based on Plato's Allegory of the Cave

      B. Must cite evidence from Allegory of the Cave and the real world

    Hmwk: None


    Thursday, Feb. 20

    1. 10 Mins of I.R.

    2. Rhetoric test corrections

    Hmwk: None


    Friday, Feb. 21

    1. Intro to Judy Brady's "Why I Want a Wife"

      A. Read

      B. Prep round table discussion questions  

    Hmwk: Roundtable 2/21